How is Fresno? This is what Raiders’ Antonio Brown thinks and what being a Raider means

Remember when Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown came to Fresno in March for Derek Carr’s son’s birthday party?

It appears Brown has a lot of love for Fresno when a fan asked him about his visit.

“I really love Fresno,” Brown said at a function at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, on Thursday. “Obviously, a lot of love out there (for Derek).”

Brown — Carr’s newest teammate and one of the biggest names in the NFL today — paid a visit to Fresno to attend a birthday party for Carr’s son, Deker, on March 16.

The party was at Bulldog Stadium, and security manned the entrance to ensure only those invited were allowed in.

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Brown noticed Carr’s name was already atop the stadium and that surprised Brown.

“I’m like, ‘Bro, you’ve only been playing like five years?’ ” Brown said. “That is pretty awesome. He’s a hometown hero – a legend out in Fresno. I’m just excited to be out there with him and support him.”

Brown also touched on potentially the Raiders’ last year in Oakland with the Las Vegas stadium on pace to be done by mid-2020.

“Being an Oakland Raider means everything to me,” he said. “It’s about love and embracing it. Guys have embraced me since the first day. Obviously, it’s a tremendous honor to be on an Oakland Raiders team that’s going to be the last team in Oakland. That’s unique. A lot of pressure and high standards in that regard for the city, organization and community that this is the last year in Oakland.”

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