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McCarthy, Valadao, Denham stand strong for Valley ag on immigration reform

The House of Representatives twice failed to pass legislation dealing with DACA (“Dreamers”) and border enforcement. First, centrist Republicans and Democrats rejected a bill by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte that was seen as too restrictive on Dreamers. That bill also required all employers to use the electronic employment verification system, E-Verify, plus provisions that would wipe out most the work force supporting California’s farms. Days later, a bill on DACA and border security – minus mandatory E-Verify and the harmful provisions for California’s farm workforce – fell far short of approval. While comprehensive immigration reform appears to be stalled, a workable immigration fix for agriculture may be coming soon.

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Adult education is for everyone

Education is a lifelong experience whether you are young, a seasoned citizen, or somewhere in between. We all need to upgrade skills to remain competitive and to expand our horizons. College is for all adults; no need to feel left behind.

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Honoring Mahatma Gandhi as 150th birth anniversary nears

Mahatma Gandhi, the great spiritual, social and political leader of India, is considered the most revered figure of our time. He will remain so because of his eternal message of peace, love and the universal relevance of the principle of nonviolence. Recognizing his immense contribution to freedom struggles across the world, human rights and the novel method of mass mobilization (Satyagraha) to fight oppression, in 2007 the United Nations General Assembly designated Oct. 2nd, Gandhi’s birthday, as International Day of Nonviolence. This occasion is now observed by 193 member nations.

The DMV promised more hours, shorter lines. Patterson says it failed

Assemblyman Jim Patterson said the DMV promised to increase operating hours including Saturdays, and less crowding and waiting for customers. Despite an increased budget to accomplish that, Patterson says the DMV has failed to deliver its promises.