Editorial: NFL's anthem rule vs. the patriotism of protest

The National Football League swaths itself in patriotic gestures. We've seen those pre-game moments when an unfurled American flag all but covers the field itself. We've watched solemn color guard ceremonies. We've witnessed the roaring fighter jet flyovers. To what extent these displays are heartfelt patriotism or shrewd marketing, we can't be sure.


Jeff Schultz: If NFL wants anthem issue to go away, then take a page from NBA

The most liberal, socially active professional sports league in the country is the NBA, a league that has a rule that players must stand for the national anthem. So those criticizing NFL owners for relatively caving to a knucklehead in the White House and his lemmings by passing a rule that mandates players also must stand for the anthem – or stay in the locker room – are missing the point.

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How those in the Central Valley reacted when Josh Allen was drafted by the Bills

Reedley erupted in cheers at Wakehouse restaurant when ex-Firebaugh High and Reedley College star Josh Allen was selected seventh overall by the Buffalo Bills during the NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Anthony Galaviz The Fresno Bee