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Trump travel ban could have ‘hazardous’ effect on Valley medical care

Dr. Richard Bertken of the UCSF-Fresno medical program writes in The Fresno Bee that President Trump’s immigration ban could have hazardous consequences on our medical care. About 25 percent of the members of the Fresno-Madera Medical Society are foreign medical graduates. On March 17, computer matching will place an estimated 1,000 foreign medical school graduates from the seven countries named in Trump’s executive order who have already applied for residency programs and fellowships in the U.S.

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Why me? Why was I so fortunate to be born in America?

“I didn’t choose where I would be born,” writes Central High School senior Nicole Garza of Fresno, California. “I certainly didn’t do anything to deserve or to earn the privilege to be here. Some were born into a country where there is war. Others where there is poverty, where they are discriminated against, or where crime is so unbearable that they don’t feel safe in their own homes.”

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Fresno State: Why not restore an old Fresno theater?

Rubén Casas of Fresno, who teaches at Fresno State, points out in a commentary for The Fresno Bee that Fresno is full of historic and beautiful theaters that, despite having fallen into disrepair, are the ideal intimate spaces the university seeks for its arts and humanities programs. How about rehabilitating one of them?

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Trump: Stop trash talking the judicial branch

Lawyer and UC Merced instructor Mark T. Harris believes President Trump takes being uncivilized and boorish to the dangerous level of promoting a troubling distrust of, and potential disobedience to, the authority of our federal judiciary and ultimately to our entire system of a government.

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Veteran of stress lays down the law

John Miser feels so strongly about his path from military life to legal eagle that he will be among five veterans speaking at the Veterans to Law School Forum Thursday at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District Auditorium

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Health insurance facelift requires a scalpel not an ax

Commentary by Tom Bohigian, former state director for Sen. Barbara Boxer: As the new administration and Congress prepare to chloroform the Affordable Care Act, it is important to look at the broad picture of our fellow Americans. More than 20 million Americans who did not have health insurance before the ACA now do.

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If Trump allows torture, we are all torturers

My father was a wartime prisoner. Trump is absolutely wrong, unless he means that torture works to eliminate any shred of humanity in those who advocate its use. He does not operate beyond the situational ethics of doing a deal and we must not let him use our humanity in whatever bargain he hopes to achieve as a promoter of torture.


Keeping Fresno park trees alive in drought 1:06

Keeping Fresno park trees alive in drought

Murder in downtown Fresno 0:46

Murder in downtown Fresno

Wild finish to Fresno State baseball series finale vs. UC Riverside 1:51

Wild finish to Fresno State baseball series finale vs. UC Riverside

Sights and sounds of the 20th annual Mardi Gras Parade 1:47

Sights and sounds of the 20th annual Mardi Gras Parade