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He refused to cut his long hair in 1961 and was banned from graduation. But his principles led him to the Navy and a distinguished life

Bob Santos’s idea that he should be able to wear long hair were clearly at odds with the school so his parents never had the pleasure of seeing their youngest child graduate with his class, recalls Larry Gamble of Clovis. Santos was born too soon. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2014 that treating boys and girls differently on hair length was a violation of Title IX.

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Courthouse ICE raids are not Trump’s doing

Don Riding, a retired immigration officer, says that ICE’s use of California courthouses as places to do random checks for immigration status, “is contrary to everything I was taught.” The random questioning of people in state courts, he adds, was not allowed under INS leadership. It has gradually come about since the INS was abolished in 2003 and replaced by ICE.

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Student appreciates Fresno Unified’s Safe Place vote

Edison High School senior Mayahuel Garcia of Fresno is appreciative that after weeks of student, teacher and community testimony at school board meetings, the Fresno Unified School District board of trustees unanimously passed the Safe Place resolution. She sees this as a reminder to everyone that schools are places where trust and relationships matter.

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Unsolved mysteries around ‘Play Ball!’

Opening Day for the Fresno Grizzlies is April 6 at Chukchansi Park. John G. Taylor of Fresno, California, cannot wait for the next breathtaking game. If the game is a little too slow for you, consider these fascinating mysteries of the ballpark while you wait for the churro vendor to come by your seats.

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When will City Hall do right by Fresno seniors?

Clint Olivier says that in his last two years on the Fresno City Council, he will use his bully pulpit to focus attention on issues affecting seniors. At the top of the list: opening a seniors center where residents can chat, exercise, play games and feel like full-fledged members of the community.

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Will racial divisions be fatal to American democracy?

Despite generations of progress exacted with a very high price, racism continues to be an issue in America. Fresno, California, lawyer Daniel O. Jamison believes that the nation’s true narrative will be, in President Barack Obama’s words, “a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all and not just some.” With education, understanding and vigilance, Jamison concludes, it will continue to be.


Keeping Fresno park trees alive in drought 1:06

Keeping Fresno park trees alive in drought

Movie Trailer: 'Boss Baby' 1:54

Movie Trailer: 'Boss Baby'

Movie Trailer: 'T2 Trainspotting' 1:54

Movie Trailer: 'T2 Trainspotting'

Low-speed chase in Fresno leads to arrest on pot charges 0:51

Low-speed chase in Fresno leads to arrest on pot charges