Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Pope reminds us people yearn for peaceful coexistence

In this time and space, the visits by the pope illustrate how much the people of this country and people around the world yearn for peace and peaceful coexistence. They gathered by the thousands to hear him speak. In this time and space, would the throngs have come to hear a man speaking of war? It is doubtful such would happen.

Letters to the Editor

It’s evil, not mental illness, that causes killings

Living with mental illness is an unrelenting, unforgiving and mostly unsympathetic battle. Instead of being seen as courageous and persevering, the mentally ill are stigmatized as though they chose to be stricken. The worst attacks recently are coming from President Obama and the media pundits. It seems these folks have an uncanny knowledge of what constitutes a homicidal profile – mental illness.

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