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After an extended leave from KMJ, Chris Daniel resigns from talk show

Chris Daniel announced he is leaving his self-titled radio talk show on KMJ AM 580.
Chris Daniel announced he is leaving his self-titled radio talk show on KMJ AM 580. Chris Daniel Show on Twitter

Chris Daniel has resigned as the host of his self-named weekday radio talk show.

In a statement posted on KMJ’s website and read on air Monday, Daniel says he is leaving the Cumulus-owned Fresno station and “moving on to some other things that I’d like to do. I am not going to another station. I guess you could say that I have semi-retired.”

Phillip Teresi will take over the show, according to the statement.

“He is more than ready to take the reins. He is the most brilliant person I’ve ever known. He truly cares about you and it,” Daniel says. “I sincerely hope that you will give him all of the support, attention, contributions and loyalty that you showed me for all of these years.”

It makes permanent the role that Teresi has been in since June, when Daniel went on extended leave following the death of his mother. The absence left listeners with questions about Daniel’s well being. In the statement, Daniel says he is doing fine, and that he spent the time deciding whether he really wanted to leave his job, something he says he had been considering for several years.

Daniel joined KMJ in 2008 as a possible “someday” replacement for Ray Appleton.

At the time, Appleton introduced Daniel to his listeners as the “heir apparent” to him should he retire or “drop dead.”

The talk-radio format was only a slight departure for Daniel, who was already known to local listeners for the 14 years he spent as the host of the KRZR morning show “Front Row.”

“I’ve been broadcasting for 35 years, 28 of them in Fresno. KMJ was, by far, the best job I’ve ever had, but it was also the hardest,” Daniel says in his statement, which can be seen in full at

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