Fitness is their business. How do they stay in shape?

In a typical week, Dallas personal trainer and Pilates instructor Shelley Estes spends close to 40 hours working with private clients. She also teaches Pilates to dance majors at Southern Methodist University and is an instructor for Pilates teacher training programs.


Quick-dry towel is a must for your water adventures

It's a towel. No, it's a sarong. No, it's a blanket. Actually, it's all three in the form of Discovery Trekking Extreme Ultralite Towel. But here's a pressing question: Is it necessary for travel, especially if you'll be staying in hotels, where towels are plentiful and not the great outdoors? The manufacturer makes its case by pointing out that this lightweight towel is quick-drying, so you can wear it as a swimsuit cover at the poolside bar, and it takes up little space in a bag. Oh, and "Thanks to high-tech silver treatment, this towel discourages the bacteria that cause odors."

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