Letters to the Editor

Feds – and Margaret Mims – need to back off states that want to be sanctuaries

So Margaret Mims thinks that California’s sanctuary city laws are “a disgrace.” I think it is a disgrace that she makes such a statement just two days after the U.S Supreme Court handed down its decision in “Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association” invalidating federal attempts to turn state legislatures into puppets of the federal government. To quote Justice Samuel Alito (hardly a liberal firebrand), writing for the majority, “A more direct affront to state sovereignty is not easy to imagine.”

Letters to the Editor

Roger Wilson has the experience to be a strong judge

It’s profoundly clear, by the sheer number of signs and ads popping up everywhere, there are many candidates that want to be judge and are asking for your vote. But while so many want to be judge, my 30 years in law enforcement have made it clear, there are so few that really ought to be. Roger Wilson is a candidate for Superior Court Judge, Seat 4, and is absolutely among those that ought to be a judge. I know Roger to be a person of impeccable character, courage and integrity who can be counted on to uphold the law and administer justice in a fair and impartial manner every time. But what sets him apart in this race is experience. Like his opponent, Roger has vast criminal law experience as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office. But the bench requires a multidisciplinary understanding of the law, and experience is the only way to get that. Roger Wilson is the only candidate who has represented all sides of cases in criminal, probate and family law, administrative and civil court. Roger Wilson is the most qualified and best choice in this race.

Letters to the Editor

For his vote, anyone but Gavin Newsom for governor

In my 40 years of voting, I rarely vote against a candidate. But I’ll make an exception for Mr. Newsom. The last few years his fanatical attempts at passing gun legislation, frequently rebuffed, seem to only fuel his desire to dictate his beliefs onto the public. Never mind his bills have been repeatedly voted down, and even been overturned by the courts. This singular mindset does not reflect representation of the majority, but rather a snugness that he knows best. The man acts like all of California has the resources of his hometown, San Francisco, when it comes to law enforcement. Sadly, persons living in rural areas cannot reasonably expect a five-minute-response time to a 911 call. A personal firearm, with adequate firepower, is maybe a much needed last resort. Doubtful Mr. Newsom’s protective detail carries 10-round magazines. My family and I happen to think our lives are every bit as important as his. The bills he has managed to cram through the Legislature do little but turn ordinary citizens into criminals. I’ll vote anyone BUT Newsom.

Letters to the Editor

Praise for Fresno parks workers who fixed a dangerous situation

Today I had the privilege of speaking with one of our local “public servants” regarding an extremely dangerous situation which I observed firsthand at a local park and which also could have fatal consequences for everyone using that park and possibly all other Fresno city parks. And, guess what? Within four hours this hazardous condition had been verified by staff, evaluated, and a plan formulated to begin remediation within 72 hours at this park and all other affected parks! Now, that’s what I call super service from the city of Fresno! A hearty thanks goes out to Tony Hernandez, city PARCS manager, from myself and all other city park users who will no longer be exposed to this peril. Thanks again Tony!

Letters to the Editor

Campaign tactic turns this voter off to Fresno council candidate

The Fresno City Council District 3 campaign has come to a new low, having been recently been inundated with emails and robocalls from the Miguel Arias campaign featuring City Council President Esmeralda Soria extolling the virtues of this candidate. While Soria is entitled to endorse and support whomever she wants, the Arias campaign is conveying a sense of entitlement to the seat based on the use of Soria using her title as part of her endorsement. This seems to be another example of the lack of boundaries between governmental bodies in and around the city of Fresno. One thing is for sure, there is one vote that Miguel Arias won’t be getting based on this campaign tactic. I will be voting for Kimberly Tapscott Munson for the Fresno City Council District 3 seat.

Letters to the Editor

As latest death tragically shows, San Joaquin River can channel sudden releases from dams

The latest drowning in the gorge above Millerton Lake was a tragedy, but the danger of the area has not been well reported. The entire upper San Joaquin River is a hydroelectric generation water outlet. Some warnings exist, but much of the river doesn't tell of the dangers of water discharges at any time and at any level. Please be aware that this river can and will rise at anytime, and let your readers know of the dangerous nature of this entire river gorge. My sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the latest victim.

Letters to the Editor

A brave woman helped a grieving family in its time of need

On May 16 your paper printed a wonderful article about Jody Hudson and Alex (RIP). Jody is a very wonderful person. Something that was not mentioned I the article was that while Alex was fighting for and eventually lost her life, Jody was working for and assisting others. My daughter Connie Copple and our family suffered a very difficult loss of my grandson James Mercer in a terrible auto accident.

Letters to the Editor

Don’t give up on us, Mr. President

We in the Central Valley and a few other conservative pockets in California want you to know that we do not agree with all of the nonsense that is going on in this state . Our liberal leaders are taxing us in every area in order to support their liberal agenda.

These students chose to spread joy because "that’s what everyone needs"

Students at Fresno's Sunnyside High School celebrate their school campus, their diversity, their humanity and their unity with what could be the largest photo art installation in the country.
Fresno Unified School District