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Skilled, loving hands provide ‘amazing’ care for baby Jaxson

Ten-month-old Jaxson Bermele had a problem affecting his liver, a vital organ. The problem was so serious that without treatment, his liver could have failed. But luckily for Jaxson and his family, Valley Children’s own Dr. Roberto Gugig is the only doctor in central California – and among the few in the state – certified to perform a remarkable procedure that fixes serious digestive problems without subjecting children to major surgery.


Thumbs up, thumbs down

Detectives come out of retirement to solve a 1996 cold case murder. Nathan Bond, 10, hits the big time by reciting the Constitution; Jalen Bailey, 8, is a philanthropist and baker; Fresno State students are signing up by the dozens for the new minor in Hmong language studies. Meanwhile, the makers of life-saving EpiPens gouge the public.

Bill McEwen

How does Jerry Dyer celebrate 15 years as police chief?

Saturday night at the Fresno Convention Center Exhibit Hall, a gala, black-tie optional affair, billed as a “gala evening of dinner, dancing and entertainment,” will celebrate Police Chief Jerry Dyer’s anniversary and benefit Project STEALTH. That is a program that uses police chaplains to mentor runaway youth, and it is credited with helping kids overcome challenges in school and at home.


Let’s do our best for Fresno youth

We are making progress in our efforts to help the children of our community thrive, but we still have a long way to go. Reaching our goals will require leadership and teamwork from our political leaders, adoption of best practices and the continued hard work of many citizens.

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Trump’s not doing a ‘flip-flop’; he might be finding balance

I would just as soon not defend Trump, especially on immigration. But it doesn’t seem fair to label as a “flip-flop” what could just be the separate elements of a balanced approach. President Obama has deported a record number of people while still using executive action to spare others that fate. We can’t treat all these people the same. That’s common sense, which explains why you don’t hear this sort of thing in proposals coming from Washington – a place where common sense goes to die.

Letters to the Editor

Is Standriff about to hear ‘You’re fired’?

So city of Fresno spokesman Mark Standriff is now an angry tweeter. Was it not Fresno City Councilmember Lee Brand who is the councilman for the district with the tainted water for at least six years and has done nothing about it? Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea is only trying to shed light on the subject to actually help the people living with unnatural water flowing from their taps.

Letters to the Editor

Democrats don’t ‘give a damn’ about safety

The Democratic Party in California has become a bigoted organization which seems to despise middle-class families, the most common victims of crime. What is really sad is that over 60 percent of the voters of this state are going to keep voting for people who don’t seem to give a damn about their safety and well-being.

Letters to the Editor

Mixed messages on water confuse me

I read in the business section “Fresno water season extended.” I’m wondering why the electronic signs along Highway 99 say outdoor watering should be limited due to the severe drought. Is that like one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing?


Lighthouse for Children aims to help Fresno youth

First 5 Fresno County and Fresno County Office of Education held an open house Wednesday, June 1, 2016, for its Lighthouse for Children, a new classroom and child care facility in downtown Fresno. Lighthouse offers classrooms for early education and child care for children ages 6 weeks through 5 years.
Eric Paul Zamora ezamora@fresnobee.com
Lighthouse for Children aims to help Fresno youth 0:38

Lighthouse for Children aims to help Fresno youth

'Slum-thing special': SW Parra's animated editorial cartoon on housing blight 1:19

'Slum-thing special': SW Parra's animated editorial cartoon on housing blight

Fresno woman becomes an adoptive mother at 96 1:44

Fresno woman becomes an adoptive mother at 96

Keeping Fresno park trees alive in drought 1:06

Keeping Fresno park trees alive in drought