David 'Mas' Masumoto

In Trump landscape, 1970s book ‘Rules for Radicals’ is a playbook for both sides

“Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky’s handbook for changing America in the 1060s and 1970s, has applications in today’s political world, writes David “Mas” Masumoto. This presidency invites and encourages strategies of confrontation. And conveniently, it could also pose as a primer for new progressives as they fight against the current state of affairs. Imagine, a rule book for both sides.


Don’t mess with California’s national monuments

President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review the status of 24 national monuments. Several are in California and Trump could target them for reduction or even elimination, although his administration would be on dubious legal footing.

Victor Davis Hanson

Will 2020 be another wipe-out for Democrats?

In 1972, Richard M. Nixon was as controversial – and as politically unpredictable and misunderstood – as Donald Trump, writes columnist Victor Davis Hanson. But the Democrats foolishly turned hard left and nominated Sen. George McGovern. Nixon, an extremely flawed candidate, delivered 49 of 50 states.

Valley Voices

The giving tree: 13 ways valley oaks teach kids of all ages

Tree-planting projects a lot more than how to dig a hole, writes David Roberts of Fresno, a general contractor and father of two. He is especially fond of the valley oaks, so working with Tree Fresno, he worked with an eager group of workers as they planted eight valley oak trees at Ruth Gibson Elementary School in Fresno.


Trump is just another Obama on the Armenian genocide

President Donald Trump, just like Clinton, Bush and Obama, kowtowed to Turkey and declined to use the word “genocide” in the White House’s annual April 24 statement on the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire during and after World War I.

Valley Voices

What I love about Fresno: a thank you note from our poet laureate

Fresno’s second Poet Laureate, Lee Herrick, pens an open letter: “I have read in almost every major city in the country, and everywhere I go, I’m asked what it is like to be a poet from Fresno. I’ll say it succinctly – aside from the heat, the work ethic, the grit, and the legions of breathtaking books of poems by Fresno authors, it is the people.”


Around Donald Trump in the first 100 days

Take a tour with Bee editorial cartoonist SW Parra of President Trump's up and downs during his first 100 days in office.
SW Parra The Fresno Bee
Around Donald Trump in the first 100 days 1:58

Around Donald Trump in the first 100 days

Movie trailer: 'The Promise' 2:31

Movie trailer: 'The Promise'

Mendota student volunteers give old jeans a new sole 1:48

Mendota student volunteers give old jeans a new sole

Worn Poverello House warehouse leaks, in need of repairs 1:31

Worn Poverello House warehouse leaks, in need of repairs