Letters to the Editor

Take your guns to school

Once again, I’m reading that our governor is considering banning legal concealed weapons on campuses. What will it take to learn “gun-free zones” are an invitation to the mentally ill or terrorists to have their way with no fear of getting shot themselves?


Editorial: War’s tangled web in Afghanistan

Attack killed 22 at Doctors Without Borders’ hospital in northern Afghanistan

U.S. military was supporting Afghan forces, which still need help battling Taliban

American training programs in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere have produced little

Letters to the Editor

Gun industry prevents progress against violence

Nearly 3,000 Americans died in the senseless 9/11 attack. That was a great tragedy, or I should say 3,000 great tragedies. But more than 300,000, a hundred times that many Americans, have died from senseless gun violence since that tragic day. Because of the 3,000 deaths 14 years ago, we started two wars, destabilized the entire Mideast, created a new branch of government and spent a trillion dollars and counting.

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David Brooks: The marketing genius

Carly Fiorina is a renegade outsider in style, but substantively, she’s completely establishmentarian

She is in tune with an electorate that is disgusted with the political class

She gives the Republican establishment rebellious fire, but is actually one of them

Valley Voices

Megan Bronson: Millennial slang on fleek

Millennials battle each other and older generations to protect their own language

If you are on your high horse about what language is proper, get right off it

Terms now have the power to be trending in just a few hours with the popularity of hashtags

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