Scammers target EBT cardholders in Fresno County, luring them with a popular device

Several people in Fresno County have fallen for a scam that asks for personal information over the internet in exchange for an iPhone, according to the county’s Department of Social Services.

The scammers are using OfferUp, an app similar to Craigslist, to request users send their Social Security number, date of birth and photos of their ID card and EBT card. Scammers promise the victims that they are signing up to receive a government-issued iPhone.

The Fresno County Department of Social Services is warning the public not to give out personal information, including EBT and case information.

Anyone who believes they may be a victim can file a police report or call the Department of Social Services at 855-832-8082.

To sign up for the California LifeLine Program, which offers free phones, visit

Ashleigh Panoo: 559-441-6010, @AshleighPanoo

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