Fresno police chief says farewell to his Crime View project after 13 years

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer this week said goodbye to a signature project: His Crime View sessions, where he crunches crimes statistics with his commanders and the news media.

Dyer will soon take time off before retiring in October, when he plans to campaign to be Fresno’s next mayor.

There have been 139 Crime Views, spanning more than 13 years, Dyer estimated after Wednesday’s session. He has made stats an integral component during his time as chief. He calls it “putting cops on the dots,” or identifying crime trends and locations, and directing resources to knock down the numbers.

“Crime is my passion,” he said. “It’s something I think about all of the time: How can we prevent people in the city from becoming a victim ... (and) how can we identify the individual who has committed a crime.

“Absent Crime View, we will never know how much more crime we would have in our city.”

Members of the news media were once invited to sit in on the actual command staff meetings, but that ended as live-streaming became a thing, and concerns grew that ongoing investigations would be disclosed prematurely.

Whether Fresno’s next chief decides to continue Crime View is an open question.

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