Women who struck Fresno lululemon may be linked to statewide crew, police say

$10,000 in yoga pants stolen from lululemon in Fig Garden

$10,000 in yoga pants stolen from lululemon in Fig Garden
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$10,000 in yoga pants stolen from lululemon in Fig Garden

A team of women who ran out of a Lululemon store in Fresno’s Fig Garden Village on Sunday with an estimated $10,000 in merchandise may be part of a statewide crew responsible for about $145,000 in thefts from the chain, police said Tuesday.

Videos release by police show the trio calmly strolling into the store with large, black shopping bags, walking to shelves where the trendy attire is displayed and quickly loading up the sportswear before making a quick exit. They made off with an estimated 148 pairs of the pants with a retail value of $100 apiece.

Lt. Joe Gomez said the crime fits the pattern of similar thefts at stores around the San Francisco Bay Area, including Stanford, Berkeley, Hillsdale and Gilroy.

The manner of the theft was similar to a crime which took place on July 7 at an Apple store in Fresno’s Fashion Fair, where four men in hoodies stormed in and ran out with electronic equipment.

Within seconds, a group of four men in blue and black hoodies made off with $27,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple Store in Fresno, California, on July 7, 2018.

In both crimes, customers and clerks stood and watched the crimes in apparent surprise at the brazenness of the thieves. Police say that not trying to stop the thieves is the best option to stay safe and keep from getting hurt.

Anyone with information about the crime can call Crime Stoppers at 559-498-7867.

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