Former Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy convicted of domestic violence could face prison

David Raquenio
David Raquenio Clovis Police Department

Former Fresno County Sheriff Deputy David Raquenio is scheduled to be sentenced next month after recently pleading no contest to domestic violence and criminal contempt charges.

Raquenio was arrested on May 20 on domestic violence allegations involving his ex-girlfriend. While out on bail, he was arrested again and charged on Aug. 15 with multiple counts of dissuading a witness and criminal contempt.

Court records show that despite a protective order, Raquenio tried repeatedly to convince the victim to drop the domestic violence charge against him, saying it would cause him to lose his income, house and cars. He also threatened to kill himself if he was convicted of domestic violence, according to court documents.

“He told (the victim) that every time she shows up to court or goes to an interview she is showing she wants to continue with the case.” according to court documents. “Raquenio also said if she loved him she should back off and stop talking about it.”

When contacted by Clovis police, Raquenio admitted to violating the restraining order by talking to the victim about the case.

He pleaded no contest on Aug. 29 to a felony domestic violence charge and one misdemeanor count of criminal contempt of court.

Raquenio was facing 11 counts of dissuading a witness and criminal contempt, but in a plea deal the other 10 charges were dismissed.

He will be sentenced on Oct. 7 and could be sent to prison for a maximum of four years and two months.

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