Hundred gallons of diesel fuel were found on a country road. How did it get there?

One hundred gallons, or maybe more, of diesel fuel were spilled overnight onto a country road Monday southwest of Corcoran, said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Ken McCord.

There were no workers in the rural area south of Corcoran Monday afternoon and so far no farmers have come forward to report missing fuel. But McCord said he had an idea of what may have happened.

“Someone was probably stealing fuel,” he said. McCord added that the case would be referred to Kings County sheriff’s investigators.

CHP was called out Christmas Day to 10th and Redding avenues and discovered the diesel fuel spread over five feet of 10th Avenue. There were no puddles and none of it had gotten into waterways, but the spill did happen near the Tule River, McCord said.

County workers were called out to pour dirt over the spill areas to avoid traffic hazards. Because the fuel was already dried, McCord said the spill likely happened overnight. And he added that fuel theft typically happens during nighttime and especially during holidays.

Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado: 559-441-6304, @cres_guez