Bethany Clough

Fresno tested Chipotle’s newest menu item. Now it’s being sold nationwide

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Fresno loves its carne asada.

Normally, Fresnans eat it at a taco truck or a locally owned Mexican restaurant.

But when Chipotle tested its carne asada here, Fresnans must have approved because the restaurant is rolling it out to menus at its 2,500 restaurants nationwide.

It was tested at 43 Fresno-area restaurants and 13 locations in Cincinnati, a Chipotle representative said.

Starting Thursday, Sept. 19, carne asada will be available nationwide. It joins the steak that’s already on the menu, and can be ordered in tacos, burritos, bowls and salads.

The grilled marinated steak is seasoned with fresh-squeezed lime and a blend of spices, and finished with fresh cilantro. It is officially approved for the Whole30 program and can be part of a paleo diet, according to Chipotle.

The carne asada is only available for a limited time, however. The company did not say for how long.

Chipotle is also offering free delivery of carne asada every Sunday in September to locations within its delivery area. Orders must be made via the Chipotle app or online at (not at third-party food delivery apps) and have a minimum total of $10.