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4 things to know about Dan Deacon

Musician and composer headlines the Catacomb Party


For Dan Deacon, music is theater.

The electronic musician and composer is known for his live shows, which are heavy on audience interaction. Deacon is on tour in support of his new album, “Gliss Riffer” He headlines the Catacomb Party with what should be a lively set.

Here are a few interesting factoids we picked up from the Baltimore-based musician in advance of the show.

“I am making dance music that’s not sexy,” he says.

“I still try to use every aspect of the venue,” he says.

“I thought I would move to Baltimore and start a chamber ensemble.”

In the middle of his first cross-country tour, his car died just outside Fresno’s city limits. His tour mate/driver flew back home and left Deacon stranded with just $400 to his name. He spent the night walking around the outskirts of town before deciding to finish the tour on his own, via Greyhound bus.

“That was a turning point,” Deacon says.

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