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4 things to know about The Stone Foxes

• Though the band is now based in the Bay, its members are mostly Fresno-area boys


The bio for The Stone Foxes reads like a rock ‘n’ roll manifesto.

The San Francisco sextet is “on mission to bottle up all the energy, the impressive amount of sweat and the outrageous fun we have playing live and give it back to the rest of the humans as a record.”

We talked to singer/drummer/harmonica player Shannon Koehler in advance of the band’s set at this weekend’s Catacomb Party and came away with these tidbits.


“We want to make each night a community event.”

“We wanted to add some real firepower,” Koehler says. “I feel like I might be the worst musician in the band now.”

“It means a lot to us to be able to come home. That’s what everyone dreams about.”

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