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Food pop-ups are all the rage. Fresno’s next one goes heavy on bacon

The first Fresno Street East pop-up event happens Jan/ 31, 2019 at Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company.
The first Fresno Street East pop-up event happens Jan/ 31, 2019 at Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company.

Fresno Street Eats is a pop-up-food series from Mike Osegueda (the guy behind Tacos Brews and Jams and FresYes and the Taco Truck Throwdown), Tony Heredia (who has a hand in Grizzly Fest) and Teezzy Radio (which did that spicy snack food festival in November).

It’s a menu of themed street food, created by some of the central San Joaquin Valley’s most talked-about chefs, and curated specifically for, and available only at, the events.

“It’s like a new-age food court,” Osegueda says.

For its inaugural event, the theme is bacon.

So, Los Toritos is making Three Little Pigs (that’s bacon, chorizo and carnitas) in taco and torta form.

Pita Kabob is making peanut butter, bacon, jalapeno and jelly sliders.

Mega Texas BBQ has bacon-wrapped chicken lollipops and bacon-wrapped ribs (let that sink in).

And on the sweet side of things, Rubia’s Gourmet Churros will be doing a maple bacon thing.

These kind of food pop-ups aren’t at all new to Fresno. Fresno Grizzlies Marketing ninja Sam Hansen has created his share of memorable one-offs over the years, paying homage to Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur and Hennessy and ninjas.

Rapper/chef Derrick Aesop McElroy has hosted a series of ramen pop-ups under the moniker Aesop’s Tables.

And there have been several plant-based (read vegan) pop-ups in the past few months. In December, Pine and Palm Brewing hosted Evolution Burger for a plant-based junk food pop-up. Last weekend, there was an hours-long wait for anyone who showed up late to Southern Fried Vegan’s event at Tioga-Sequoia.

These kinds of pop-up events are a way to give diners a new and situationally unique experience, Osegueda says.

“We know what it’s like to go into a restaurant. We know what it’s like to go to a food truck now,” he says.

“This is the evolution of that.”

Fresno Street Eats

  • 5-10 p.m. Thursday
  • Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company, 745 Fulton St.
  • Free, kids and dogs welcome
  • @fresnostreeteats on Facebook and Instagram