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‘Twin Peaks’ captivates once again. And there’s a Fresno connection, as well

A new season of "Twin Peaks," which originally aired on ABC in 1990, returned to television on May 21.
A new season of "Twin Peaks," which originally aired on ABC in 1990, returned to television on May 21. Showtime

“Twin Peaks” has finally returned to television in an 18-part limited event series that kicked off Showtime on Sunday. From the reviews, the premiere was just the kind of surrealist storytelling we’ve come to expect from David Lynch.

Fans are equally confused and overjoyed.

The long-awaited series picks up 25 years after the death of Laura Palmer and brings back much of the original cast, plus some new faces – including one-time Fresno radio man J.R. Starr, who will be featured in several of the upcoming episodes.

In all, it was two days work, but Starr is not sure how the edited footage will be used in the series. Look out for the guy on stage introducing the various bands performing.

Starr was a country radio personality in Fresno in the late 1970s – as known as the Charlie Pride of Fresno radio, says Starr, who’s been living in Los Angeles since 1984. During his time in the city, Starr was well known in the community, working with organizations like United Black Men of Fresno. He found himself on the cover of The Fresno Bee on several occasions, including the time he confronted Klu Klux Klan members during a rally at Ratcliffe Stadium.

J R & the KKK
A Fresno Bee archive photo show J.R. Starr confronting members of the Klu Klux Klan outside Ratcliffe in Fresno. J.R. Starr

“Twin Peaks” won’t be the first time we’ve seen Starr on television.

According to IMDB, the actor was in episodes of “Dexter” and “Southland,” and “Scrubs.” Recently, he did voice-over work on the intro track of Big Sean’s album “I Decided.”

That’s Starr standing to the right of Sean on the album cover and dancing up front during the rapper’s performance of “Moves” on the Ellen show earlier this year. He was also featured on a Veteran’s Day episode of “The Price is Right” last year.

He won a car.

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