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Prep wrestling: Buchanan, with 11 in semifinals, opens Yosemite Divisional lead

State top-ranked Buchanan High pushed a tournament-high 11 into the semifinals and kept all 14 of of its wrestlers alive while taking the first-day lead at the Yosemite Divisionals on Friday at Clovis.

The Bears have a 185-169 edge on five-time defending state champion and state No. 2 Clovis entering Saturday’s action, which starts at 9 a.m.

Buchanan will have Matthew Olguin (106 pounds), Ethan Leake (113), Brett Villarreal (126), Durbin Lloren (132), Joel Romero (138), Greg Gaxiola (145), Abner Romero (160), Cade Belshay (170), Anthony Montalvo (182), Trevor Ervin (195) and Zak Levatino (220) in the semifinals set to launch at 10 a.m. All are guaranteed spots in the Central Section Masters tournament Feb. 27 in Lemoore.

Chris Gaxiola (120), Jake Levatino (152) and Isaiah Ortiz (285) are in the consolation bracket for the Bears and competing for a top-eight placing in order to move on to Masters.

Clovis has all 14 of its wrestlers still competing, including 10 semifinalists in Brandon Betancourt (106), Wyatt Cornelison (113), Justin Mejia (120), Dylan Martinez (138), Brandon Martino (152), Victor Vargas (160), Josh Hokit (182), AJ Nevills (195), Tyler Collier (220) and Seth Nevills (285).

Brandon Rhoads (126), Jordan Geiger (132), Jake Ladd (145) and Ruger Wyneken (170) are in the consolation bracket for the Cougars.

Bakersfield, dealt a major blow when state third-ranked 132-pounder J.J. Figueroa suffered an elbow injury in the first round, has 122.5 points, followed by Clovis North (103.5) and Frontier (101.5).

Marquee semifinals include those at 106, where state No. 2 Olguin of Buchanan will face No. 6 Izzak Olejnik of Bakersfield, while Clovis North’s No. 3 Eric Rivera faces Clovis’ No. 5 Brandon Betancourt; and at 195, where No. 1 AJ Nevills of Clovis meets Bakersfield’s No. 16 Elias Rosales and Foothill’s No. 3 Adrian Godinez takes on Buchanan’s No. 4 Ervin.

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Yosemite Divisionals

Saturday: Day 2 wrestling starts at 9 a.m., semifinals at 10 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m.

Site: Clovis High

Team scores after day 1

1. Buchanan 185; 2. Clovis 169; 3. Bakersfield 122.5; 4. Clovis North 103.5; 5. Frontier 101.5; 6. Madera 93; 7. Central 81.5; 8. Redwood 75; 9. Madera South 72; 10. Clovis West 68; 11. Foothill 66; 12. Bullard 63.5; 13. Lemoore 56.5; 14. Liberty 53; 15. El Diamante 52

Quarterfinal results

106: Matthew Olguin, Buchanan p. Mario Moreno, Madera 3:04; Izzak Olejnik, Bakersfield d. Cole Reyes, Frontier 8-6; Brandon Betancourt, Clovis maj. dec. Matt Sanchez, Central 20-7; Eric Rivera, Clovis North maj. dec. Thomas Terrence, Clovis East 11-0

113: Ethan Leake, Buchanan p. Jayson Tristan, Clovis East 3:31; Anthony Pacheco, Sanger d. Rocky Beckett, Clovis North 10-9; Javier Alaniz, Clovis West p. Jared Callison, Monache 3:48; Wyatt Cornelison, Clovis p. Ryan Morphis, Frontier 0:39

120: Justin Mejia, Clovis p. Matt Bracamonte, Foothill 1:21; Anthony Chavez, Central d. Matt Diaz, Clovis North 6-3; Ruben Gonzalez, Sanger d. Chris Gaxiola, Buchanan 3-0; Jaden Abas, Frontier p. Keithan Estrada, East 0:57

126: Chris Deloza, Clovis North d. Isaiah Walls, Clovis West 7-1; Brett Villarreal, Buchanan tech fall Adrian Gonzalez, Bakersfield 19-3; Gary Joint, Lemoore tech fall Jordan Patoc, Liberty-Bakersfield 15-0; David Campbell, Mission Oak maj. dec. Brandon Rhoads, Clovis 16-3

132: Durbin Lloren, Buchanan tech. fall Niko Peturcelli, Clovis North 22-7; Moses Contreras, Madera p. Isaac Perez, Porterville 4:47; Aaron Watts, Redwood d. Jordan Geiger, Clovis 6-4; Tavian Ball, Central d. Issac Espinoza, Madera South 7-0

138: Jaden Enriquez, Mission Oak maj. dec. Esteban Corona, Independence 13-4; Joel Romero, Buchanan d. Bobby Miguel, Clovis West 9-2; Dylan Martinez, Clovis maj. dec. Greg Guzman, Lemoore 11-0; Navonte Demison, Bakersfield p. Xander Moreno, Clovis North 2:00

145: Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan p. Jorge Gonzalez, Madera 1:24; Dillon Craven, Bakersfield d. Jake Ladd, Clovis 3-1; Augustine Garcia, Madera South d. Beau Bradley, Monache 8-5; Isaiah Torres, Redwood p. Erik Reyes, Liberty-Bakersfield 4:59

152: Brandon Martino, Clovis maj. dec. Adrian Zendejas, Porterville 10-2; Jonathan Garcia, Frontier p. James Quintana, Clovis East 4:46; Chris Lane, Clovis West d. Mark Cardwell, Monache 4-2; Ricky Gonzalez, Bakersfield d. Jake Levatino, Buchanan 7-4

160: Abner Romero, Buchanan p. David Vardanyan, Bullard 1:59; Victor Vargas, Clovis d. Dylan Miracle, Madera South 3-2; Jonathan Hunter, Golden Valley d. Isaiah Corona, Hanford 13-11; Sam Loera, Bakersfield tech. fall Martin Romero, Madera 21-6

170: Cade Belshay, Buchanan p. Nick Maiden, Stockdale 3:12; Marcus Macias, Central p. Willem Deboer, Frontier 2:09; Erick Moreno, Sunnyside d. Ruger Wyneken, Clovis 2-1; Ryan Reyes, Clovis West d. Antonio Gutierrez, Bakersfield 3-2

182: Josh Hokit, Clovis p. Jeffery Kelley, Redwood 0:17; Noah Rodriguez, Bakersfield p. Jeremy Maas, Liberty-Bakersfield 5:03; Angel Solis, Lemoore d. Mark Halajian, Clovis North 1-0; Anthony Montalvo, Buchanan p. Nathan Chavez, Madera South 1:11

195: AJ Nevills, Clovis p. Tommy Slatic, Bullard 0:24; Elias Rosales, Bakersfield d. John Halajian, Clovis North 5-3; Trevor Ervin, Buchanan p. John Whetstone, Mt.Whitney 1:13; Adrian Godinez, Foothill p. Amador Bautista, Redwood 2:55

220: Bevan Brandt, Bullard d. Miguel Villanueva, Madera South 8-5; Tyler Collier, Clovis d. Nathaniel Holloway, Clovis North 5-2; Angel Mariscal, Delano p. Montana Torres, South 3:03; Zak Levatino, Buchanan p. Hunter Parks, Hanford 2:25

285: Seth Nevills, Clovis p. Victor Organista, South 1:38; Armando Barcenas, Hanford d. Robert Valenzuela, Madera South 3-1; Gilbert Varela, Independence p. Ricardo Jaramillo, Golden Valley 1:55; Jarrod Snyder, Frontier p. Kaleb Abernathy, North 2:42

Saturday semifinals

106: Matthew Olguin, Buchanan vs. Izzak Olejnik, Bakersfield; Brandon Betancourt, Clovis vs. Eric Rivera, Clovis North

113: Ethan Leake, Buchanan, vs. Anthony Pacheco, Sanger; Javier Alaniz, Clovis West, vs. Wyatt Cornelison, Clovis

120: Justin Mejia, Clovis, vs. Anthony Chavez, Central; Ruben Gonzalez, Sanger, vs. Jaden Abas, Frontier

126: Chris Deloza, Clovis North, vs. Brett Villarreal, Buchanan; Gary Joint, Lemoore, vs. David Campbell, Mission Oak

132: Durbin Lloren, Buchanan, vs. Moses Contreras, Madera; Aaron Watts, Redwood, vs. Tavian Ball, Central

138: Jaden Enriquez, Mission Oak, vs. Joel Romero, Buchanan; Dylan Martinez, Clovis, vs. Navonte Demison, Bakersfield

145: Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan, vs. Dillon Cravens, Bakersfield; Augustine Garcia, Madera South, vs. Isaiah Torres, Redwood

152: Brandon Martino, Clovis, vs. Jonathan Garcia, Frontier; Chris Lane, Clovis West, vs. Ricky Gonzalez, Bakersfield

160: Abner Romero, Buchanan, vs. Victor Vargas, Clovis; Jonathan Hunter, Golden Valley, vs. Sam Loera, Bakersfield

170: Cade Belshay, Buchanan, vs. Marcus Macias, Central; Erick Moreno, Sunnyside, vs. Ryan Reyes, Clovis West

182: Josh Hokit, Clovis, vs. Noah Rodriguez, Bakersfield; Angel Solis, Lemoore, vs. Anthony Montalvo, Buchanan

195: AJ Nevills, Clovis, vs. Elias Rosales, Bakersfield; Trevor Ervin, Buchanan, vs. Adrian Godinez, Foothill

220: Bevan Brandt, Bullard, vs. Tyler Collier, Clovis; Angel Mariscal, Delano, vs. Zak Levatino, Buchanan

285: Seth Nevills, Clovis, vs. Armando Barcenas, Hanford; Bubba Varela, Independence, vs. Jarrod Snyder, Frontier