Hey, Red Wave, you’re missing the intrigue that is Fresno State football in 2019

Maybe the Fresno State football team really is as bad as last week’s loss at Air Force.

Maybe said Bulldogs actually are as good as Friday’s whacking of UNLV.

Just be glad No. 14-ranked Boise State isn’t on the regularly scheduled docket to eliminate the doubt, one way or the other.

While we let the suspense hang like the pumpkin spice of autumn football that it is, here are some thoughts to think about while Fresno State sorts out its place in the spectrum.

How can you not love Josh Hokit, the fourth-ranked wrestling All-American who pounded, sidestepped and sprinted his way to three touchdowns in that 56-27 victory over the Rebels?

The Bulldogs running back got the ball seven times. He scored on three of them. What is Bulldogs coach Jeff Tedford saving him for, the Iowa State dual?

Feed the monster before he has to start cutting weight for wrestling season, would you?

Someone hand-counted 19 fans in an entire aluminum section Friday at Bulldog Stadium.

Real fans show up. Those of us who lost digits to frostbite in the lean Candlestick years, and we mean you ’85 Giants, have no use for your tired arguments. The Red Wave has once again waved off Fresno State the minute its record fell into the red.

Did you see true freshman Levelle Bailey create two turnovers for the Bulldogs? Of course you didn’t. You stayed home, or pretended to be at a high school game.

Too bad. Between Bailey and freshman Jalen Cropper, you’d be convinced that better tomorrows are on their way back to Bulldogs Inc.

LeBron’s gaffe

Oh, LeBron.

Did you really say Rockets general manager Daryl Morey “wasn’t educated on the situation at hand” when he tweeted his support for Hong Kong freedom?

Just, wow. Perhaps you can get China to hook up Morey with enrollment at a reeducation camp of its choosing. Perhaps you can choose your words a little more wisely next time.

That, or don’t go down that silk road, because you just lost us. Again.

Smart picks

The 49ers are undefeated. The Raiders have three wins. If they go a combined 3-20 the rest of the year, our preseason call will remain genius!

Pretty please tell us that Aaron Judge and the Yankees forced a Game 7 in the American League Championship Series, because if our preseason World Series picks lose now, we’ll never convince people that we’re any good at wild speculation and blindfolded dart tosses.

Fresno Grizzlies = good fortune

Our San Francisco Giants won three World Series this decade. The Houston Astros won a title. The Washington Nationals qualified for this year’s final round.

Meet your Fresno Grizzlies Triple-A affiliates of the 21st century, one and all. Must be something in the trucked tacos.

And, before you ask: No, the Los Angeles Dodgers absolutely cannot move their Triple-A team to Fresno.

David White is a former Fresno Bee staff writer and NFL beat writer at the San Francisco Chronicle, now a pastor and Sunday sports columnist for The Bee:, @bydavidwhite