On Dodgers and Lakers, soccer league rules and high school football domination

October is here, the perfect time to watch dead leaves fall and carved pumpkins rot.

Which reminds us, what time is the Dodgers game?

We hear the Dodgers are supposed to be the best playoff edition yet, as well they should be, given seven straight years of practice.

It hurts to not have our Giants around to win a fourth and last title this decade, but as far as next-best things go, nothing beats watching the Dodgers get beat.

We hear that money can’t buy you love, but $60 million sure bought the Tampa Bay Rays a wild-card victory over the Oakland Athletics. Now let’s see what baseball’s lowest payroll can do against the Houston Astros Traveling All-Stars. We’re guessing $60 million doesn’t buy as much as you’d think.

Go Little Guy, if you think $60 m’s make you little.

We hear horse racing is back at The Big Fresno Fair. We don’t gamble, and don’t really get the idea of racing pets around in circles being a sport. Here’s hoping the Santa Ana winds don’t blow this way, because 31 horse deaths this past season at Santa Ana’s track alone is criminal.

We’re starting to think this is one sport that deserves to die.

We hear Fresno FC might be leaving Fresno, yet don’t remember them being here in the first place. Normally, we wouldn’t give a red card flip … but to find out it’s because their own league has a rule against renting a baseball field for more than two years? A league designed to promote its non-American sport in America could be evicting itself, with a straight face?

No wonder we can’t beat Ghana.

We hear Vegas likes the Los Angeles Lakers’ chances at being the Old Lakers again. And we agree. Think LeBron James as the Modern Kobe Bryant, without Shaq – because Anthony Davis is no Shaq.

Remember how many titles Kobe won without Shaq? Me neither.

We hear you Raiders and 49ers fans are feeling good about being 2-2 and 3-0, respectively, and you should. It’s always better to be better than Joe Flacco, Jacoby Brissett, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton and Mason Rudolph.

We just hope you’ll contain yourself until you beat a greater quarterback, and Chicago’s Chase Daniels and Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield won’t exactly count.

We hear Central High football beat Buchanan by a few west-side country miles the other night, showing the gap between No. 1 and No. 2 in the Central Section is bigger than ever. One Clovis giant down, four more to go.

Any time a Fresno-based program can run the table against the Clovis Way of Life, we think it’s a good thing.

We hear that Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joined the Bruce Bochy Retirement Party after last week’s career finale. We always liked that guy, as much as you can like any onetime Giant who moved his business address to Chavez Ravine.

Here’s wondering if the Dodgers losing in the playoffs, again, and the Dodgers overreacting by firing their manager, again, wouldn’t be the worst thing for a Giants team looking for a new honch.

We hear you Dodgers fans are tired of this space taking big hacks at your team every October. Go ahead and write an angry letter, and then slap a 22-cent stamp on it.

We’re assuming you still have one of those 1988 stamps lying around the house.

David White is a former Fresno Bee staff writer and NFL beat writer at the San Francisco Chronicle, now a pastor and Sunday sports columnist for The Bee:, @bydavidwhite