Fresno State’s Batesole did the right thing. Can Dodgers do the October thing? And more

School is out, Fahrenheit is back, time to learn what we’ve learned.

And, by “we,” we mean those of who never learn that the smart money is always on someone else’s team.

Here is what we know that we know that we didn’t know before …

Ace in the hole

Mike Batesole has a heart.

No, really, he does, and not just because his cardiologist has MRI proof.

Every time we write about how good Batesole’s Fresno State baseball team is going to be, twos and fours of you cloud yellers email us about your putrid disdain for the College World Series champion.

We get it. Batesole can be as huggable as infield dirt that’s never been raked over. Here is why we like the man, anyways.

His Bulldogs were one win away from reaching college baseball’s Super Regionals. All he had to do was throw his Friday night starter Ryan Jensen back on the mound Monday at Stanford. After all, the Cardinal did the same with their ace.

Not Batesole. On a day Jensen was drafted in the first round of the Major League Draft, Batesole refused to wager Jensen’s future on his own present. He went with Plan C, and it cost them the game, but so what? Jensen goes pro with two un-mangled arms.

Hate him all you want. Batesole is better than you think.

Wait for it, Dodgers fans

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on pace to win, oh, 322¾ games this year.

Call us when they win four games in late October. Seeing the Giants just handed Clayton Kershaw his first loss since July 21, 2018, we don’t like their chances.

Bulldogs, Michigan, LSU: 3 of a kind

Gotta say, quite a year for Fresno State’s Big Three.

The Bulldogs join Michigan and Louisiana State as the only finer institutes with 10-plus football wins, 20-plus men’s basketball wins and 40-plus baseball wins.

But, for the love of Jim Harbaugh, don’t tell us their 10-20-40 are equal with the other two. You’re better than Boise State, and that should be good enough.

One bad apple spoils Golden State

The Warriors dynasty is coming to a close, and not because they might lose these NBA Finals to the Toronto Jurassic Parkers.

They’ve been the greatest show on court for five years. Now they’re that guy, the one with a billionaire venture capital investor shoving players from his front-row folding chair.

Way to become the team no one can root for anymore.

TRAC bounty in draft

Fresno State baseball had seven players drafted this week. Imagine if they played in a better conglomerate than the Mountain West Conference

We recommend they join a Tri-River Athletic Conference at a high school near you. The TRAC had nine current or former players drafted in the first 25 rounds, including six in the first 10, if former comrade Andy Boogaard’s math isn’t fuzzy.

That’s some way of life you’ve got there, Clovis.

Cricket and hockey, oh my!

Visited Trinidad and Tobago the other week, and learned that the Cricket World Cup is a thing.

They’re all pulling for the West Indies to upset England, and why not? Any sport that tears the nose hairs out of the Colonialists works for me.

The St. Louis Blues are about to win their first Stanley Cup title, which is to say this column fell one paragraph short of keeping you to the end.

David White is a former Fresno Bee staff writer and NFL beat writer at the San Francisco Chronicle, now a pastor and Sunday sports columnist for The Bee:, @bydavidwhite