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Megan Bronson: Ladies, let’s make this no-shave November

Megan Bronson
Megan Bronson

No Shave November is not just for men.

The month of November is often referred to as No Shave November, a time when men and women alike give up shaving in favor of a more natural look.

The trend is associated with multiple causes, including raising men’s health awareness and standing in solidarity with cancer patients. While primarily targeted at men, the movement has begun to pick up speed with women, as well. As it should.

The time of being hairless is over.

There is a constant social standard for women to look flawless. Why is body hair seen as a flaw? If a man chooses to grow a beard or not, society does not look at him differently. But if a woman decided to not shave her armpits, she would surely face censure from both men and women.

Do not let anyone judge you for your choice in shaving. You wouldn’t let someone judge you on the length of your fingernails. This is no different.

Social pressure and the stigma to constantly be smooth is unrealistic. We are adults with adult bodies.

Being hairless is a trait of children. Asking women to constantly subvert their adult bodies into a childlike manner is demeaning and is remnants of patriarchy.

This pseudo-belief that women do not have body hair is unfeasible. Women are unfairly shamed into shaving for fear of being socially ostracized.

It is time for women to be open and comfortable enough with their bodies to grow and style their body hair. Yes, style.

It is becoming increasingly popular for women to dye armpit hair, or shave designs into their pubic hair. It isn’t the end of the world. It is just hair.

Body hair is subject to the whim of pop culture just like the hair on your head.

No one likes shaving. It is a chore. Nice razors can be expensive, you always have the potential to nick yourself, it can often keep you from wearing what you want because you haven’t shaved accordingly and it takes precious time that we could often be using for something else, like sleep. We can shave off time in the shower (and save water) by skipping razors and basking in our natural state.

Women should use this month to try out a more natural look. See how you like all the extra, free time or explaining to people that you are comfortable in your body.

This is the one month of the year when you can try giving up shaving and society will moderately accept this reason.

Use the time to grow comfortable with the way your body hair looks on you. If you do not like it, feel free to go back to shaving, but you will have learned something about yourself and your preferences. It is a win-win situation.

But if you do find yourself enjoying this new-found freedom, may your locks grow with the same abandon as your confidence in your body.

I hope your No Shave November turns into a very hairy, merry December.

Megan Bronson is a senior at California State University, Fresno, majoring in English and is the Opinion Editor for The Collegian, where this first appeared.