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In a call toward patriotic duty, his choice for next president is Michelle Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Healthier America's 2017 summit on Friday, May 12, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.
Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Healthier America's 2017 summit on Friday, May 12, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. TNS

I have often stood on that moderately sloping hill overlooking Concord Bridge in awe as I relived the feelings of the men who stood there on April 19, 1775, facing the greatest army in the world, the army of the British Empire. A mere four miles from my eldest daughter’s home, it was always a profoundly moving visit.

These men were risking their lives and that of their families in the fundamental belief that their ideas were worth more than life itself; those ideas centered around the right to govern themselves and the right of each man to choose his own unencumbered destiny.

As I near the age of 88 years, I often brood on their courage and that which I have seen. I was 10 years of age at the time of Pearl Harbor, so I witnessed the surge in patriotism and the terrible cost in lives as more and more often I mourned with grammar school classmates on the death of their older siblings.

Phil Fullerton Special to The Bee Fresno Bee file

For what purpose were these brave folks risking their very lives? To have a nation free of tyranny and a world where all could live peacefully and harmoniously.

I am not original in crying out that all of these values bought at such sacrifice are in mortal danger under the current administration. The bitter division of racial and religious divides now fostered; the alienation of all of our allies; the ruthless treatment of immigrants, making a mockery of the Statute of Liberty; the favoritism of the wealthy over the middle classes; possible war in the Middle East. All this has been noted by pundits more articulate than I.

I am what columnist David Brooks calls a moderate Democrat and am fervently supporting the Democrats in the upcoming 2020 presidential election, which I view as pivotal in the future of the United States. When I see Bernie Sanders and others call for the total elimination of our private health insurance I am filled with dismay. Seventy percent of Americans are pleased with such policies. This proposal will not succeed, especially in the three critical electoral states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

And when I see all of the candidates on the debate stage raise their hands when asked if they would decriminalize illegal immigration, a frisson of alarm shakes my body. Such a policy would result in a wild influx of millions of disadvantaged people. Immigration made America great, but to open our borders on an unlimited basis would invite chaos.

So, I fear that these far-left policies are doomed to electoral defeat. And President Trump is a political genius. Not only does he dominate the communication media world from day to day, but he has the ability to characterize his opposition (“Pocahontas, weak, stupid, sleepy” etc.). And his attack on the “squad” of four far-left Democrat women is such a stroke of genius. He is casting the whole Democratic Party in this image.

As I learned on many committees, if you have a problem, you should propose a solution. As David Brooks noted, the moderate Democrats don’t have a “Plan B” for a faltering Joe Biden. I propose that Michelle Obama, clearly a moderate, be drafted as the nominee of the Democrats! She was voted the most popular woman in the world, and is an icon of moderate policies: “When they go low, we go high.”

Would she serve? I would hope that faced with the future of the United States she would find it in her heart to do so. Like the patriots at Concord Bridge, I feel our future is at stake. Only a moderate Democrat can win this election; Joe Biden is too old and weak; so, Michelle, time to take up your sword and to battle in the world of politics you hoped you had left. Your country is calling you to serve.

Phil Fullerton of Fresno is a retired attorney. Email: