Marek Warszawski

Hey, whaddya know? Devin Nunes IS a conspiracy theorist. Our own Justice Dept. says so

Breaking news out of Washington, D.C.: Devin Nunes is a conspiracy theorist. In other words, he peddles false narratives invoking powerful and sinister forces for political gain.

My source on this isn’t The New York Times, CNN or any other media entity. Nor is it a politician or some anonymous political staffer who spoke under the cloak of anonymity.

Nope. That label comes straight from prosecutors who work for the Justice Department. You know, that branch of our federal government that’s responsible for the enforcement of law and administration of justice in the United States.

Prosecutors, whom it must be pointed out, serve at the pleasure of President Trump.

Remember the Mueller hearing, called by congressional leaders in July to try and get to the bottom of whether Trump benefited from Russian interference in the 2016 election?


Well, our favorite congressman was having none of that. Instead, Nunes peddled an alternative theory: That it was the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, which conspired with Russia to give the Russians a stake in U.S. uranium production and make the Clintons filthy rich.

Nunes offered no evidence for what’s become known as the Uranium One conspiracy. Nonetheless, the right-wingers nodded their heads. Why? Because it takes the heat off their hero Trump and fits neatly into their whataboutism-filled minds.

Now, we’re finding out it’s all just a fable. And that isn’t me saying so. It’s the federal government.

Later this month, Mark Lambert, the ex-president of the company that transported uranium to the United States, will go on trial for allegedly paying bribes to Russians in order to win their business.

Just a conspiracy theory

And, as revealed Tuesday by McClatchy D.C. Bureau reporter Kevin G. Hall, the jury selection documents contains two subsections under the heading of “Unrelated Conspiracy Theories.”

“Although this is a case involving an alleged criminal conspiracy with a Russian official, this case has nothing at all to do with the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or alleged collusion between the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign and Russia, or alleged Russian interference in U.S. elections. I repeat: that investigation has nothing at all to do with this case,” reads one item in the jury instructions.

Another item, just as lengthy and detailed, makes the same point: That the allegations against Lambert are in no way tied to the Uranium One deal.

In other words, they’re just a conspiracy theory. Designed to cast doubt and divert your attention. Remember Pizzagate?

I realize that me writing this isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about Nunes. These federal prosecutors are obviously part of the Deep State. Whose aim is to rip the reins of power away from Republicans and transform this country into a socialist nation.

We can’t trust the government – even though Trump and Nunes ARE the government.


Well, no. I don’t buy that at all. But judging by some of the emails and phone messages I get, a whole bunch of people around here do.

They’re willing to eat up whatever Nunes puts on their plate. Regardless of how baseless or paranoid.

Constituents? Who cares?

This might be a radical viewpoint, but I believe members of the House of Representatives should actually work for the betterment of the people in their district.

Nunes obviously doesn’t agree. He’s too busy filing frivolous lawsuits against his critics, peddling conspiracy theories and applying makeup for constant appearances on Fox News.

Just for kicks, I checked to see what bills Nunes has introduced since he was reelected last November. I found a grand total of one: a bill that will help the city of Tulare expand an outdoor recreational facility.

Well, hooray for that. Good thing poverty, immigration, air quality and water storage in the 22nd Congressional District are all squared away. (Not.)

Nunes can’t be bothered. Not when he has conspiracies to spin and a corrupt president to protect.

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