Letters to the Editor

Read St. Mark before voting for Trump

As a registered Independent, I do not adhere to party affiliation, but rather, consider all candidates, and base my vote on the individual and his/her position on issues. I believe that our foremost responsibility, as voters, is to consider what is best for our country, not a particular party. Sadly, the choices we have in this election are sorely lacking, but one in particular should cause us great concern.

Having observed Donald Trump during the past several months, I fear that he is, at best, temperamentally-challenged, at worst, mentally unstable. There are a multitude of adjectives I could use to describe his demeanor, none of them favorable, but the one of most concern is “dangerous.”

The Republican party would do well to reflect on the words of St. Mark: “What does it profit a man to gain the world, but suffer the loss of his soul?”

It may be that the party has a winning candidate and will gain the White House this fall – but at what price? Please consider the loss of prestige and respect that will befall the party, and of most concern, the far-reaching, disastrous, and irreparable harm that Mr. Trump could cause our country.

Marti Nicely, Fresno