Letters to the Editor

Tear down that wall, too

On June 5, Victor Davis Hanson stated the separation wall in Israel/Palestine could be considered a source of amusement: “We moderns often laugh at walls and fortified boundaries, dismissing them as hopelessly retrograde, ineffective, or unnecessary. Yet they still seem to fulfill their mission on the Israeli border, the 38th parallel in Korea, and the Saudi-Iraqi boundary: separating disparate states.”

I know nothing of the 38th parallel in Korea or the Saudi-Iraqi boundary, but I have crossed the Israel/Palestine border, as well as the Mexico/Arizona border. Anyone who has done so doesn’t find them amusing.

It’s clear from the testimony of ordinary folks and officials on both sides that barriers are a poor way to resolve long-standing disputes and have a host of negative collateral consequences.

In Israel/Palestine, thousands of Palestinians cross each day illegally to work on the Israeli side, not unlike the situation on our southern border, revealing significant reasons far beyond simple security for the existence of the wall in Palestine.

Our solution of choice should be to communicate, not separate. I pray each day that the wall in Israel/Palestine goes the way of that unmentioned fortified boundary in Germany – 1989 can’t come too soon.

Bill Braun, Fresno