Letters to the Editor

Death penalty is for Dark Ages

According to a May 20 article in The Bee, “California poised for showdown over death penalty,” there are two initiatives finding their way to the November ballot.

One would streamline the death penalty process and speed up executions. The other would abolish this Draconian practice. What can we be thinking? How does it make sense to punish murder by becoming murderers?

The most compelling argument against the death penalty is that our justice system is far from infallible and many innocent people have been convicted.

Sheriff Margaret Mims wants to make sure crime victims “are given justice for the suffering they’ve endured.” But when the state murders an innocent, where is the justice for that family? Thankfully, some innocents have been exonerated (thanks to tireless efforts of the Innocence Project) before their executions were carried out.

Heaven forbid we “speed up” this process. It has never been shown that the death penalty deters violent crime, and it is understood that money spent on a single execution surpasses costs of life imprisonment. The death penalty is something out of the Dark Ages and makes no sense in modern, civilized society.

Glena Penner, Reedley