Letters to the Editor

Next mayor must rebuild Fresno

Mayor Ashley Swearengin talks about the Great Recession and her part to “save the city” like she should be in line for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“The Great Recession” seems like a precursor to each proclamation she makes about Fresno. Clovis, Sanger, Visalia and hundreds of other municipalities survived the recession. And, yes, some did not. However during the Great Recession, Fresno’s mayor spent a year trying to oust hundreds of good-paying jobs, ran for a Republican state office, and tirelessly lobbied the city council to tear up the Fulton Mall.

After nearly a quarter of a century of Republican mayors, we find Fresno near or at the bottom of a list of communities to live and raise a family. If the Nordstrom e-commerce center chooses Visalia over Fresno, it will probably be a “quality of life” issue.

Public safety is certainly a priority of any city administration, but when many of our citizens become victims of poor management, as highlighted in the articles on Fresno’s slum housing, than it is time to re-examine priorities. Our next mayor must spend full time building a community that once was called an “All-American City.”

David Lennon, Fresno