Letters to the Editor

‘Delivery from corrupt bondage’

In the June 4 Insight section, Andrew Fiala quotes John Dewey when he implied that the salvation of our democracy rests upon our devotion toward the possibilities of human nature having the capacity for intelligent judgment and action for its own self-invented moral corrections.

Honest history shows that truthful present day healings are where honest faith in God is and wherever moral and spiritual laws are the source of practical wisdom and life correctness.

The fear of God is the beginning of our wisdom in all categories of life such as our speech, personal relations and moral decision making on all levels of scholastic learning and practicing politics. Such wisdom goes beyond our common ideas when we accept, pursue, practice and preserve everything about personal greed, political dogmatism and moral public hurt deep within us.

Therefore, our success as a moral nation must be about re-birth when we accept our present-day brokenness as birth pangs and not merely political symptoms. So, even as birth pangs accompany biological birth, our national delivery from corrupt bondage must also bring us to the point of serious hurt. We have not yet reached that point where our nation pains and cries over its wrong.

Irv Brown, Fresno