Letters to the Editor

Save hospital food for those who need it

In reference to The Bee article about hospital food (May 25):

The hospital cafeteria should be reserved for those who truly need it – waiting for the birth of a child, a surgery, an emergency – or for hospital staff.

I recently spent time at the hospital with family members and a patient who was terminally ill. While there, I went to the cafeteria to eat and wondered who had emptied the chili container, meat special, salad bar and a variety of snacks before I got there. Now I know.

When neighborhood people consume the hospital cafeteria food, there is little or none left for families who are there with hospital patients. They need available meals. The last thing they need is to find the service trays empty, empty, empty.

Please don’t use the hospital cafeteria as a public restaurant or personal buffet, or worse, for snacks for a healthy and active sports team. Shame on those who arrive only to take up space and eat the food that should be available for people who cannot leave the hospital to go get something to eat!

Yolanda Berg, Clovis