Letters to the Editor

Long local history of intolerance

Over some 45 years ago, my family moved to California due to my father being called to pastor one of the local churches. In becoming acquainted at that time with the Fresno/Clovis communities, we were advised of racial intolerance found in certain pockets of the cities.

Fast forward to 2016 and racial intolerance still profoundly thrives. Case in point: Clovis High School among others. Intolerance is being perpetuated in our homes, and we are witnessing the momentum of intolerance in the schools, in the workplace, in this election year and yes, even in our churches, of all places.

We remain an angry society with no filters of respect of others. Are we unwilling to respect the diversity and culture of others and if not, why? We can learn so much from one another. Is there no room for tolerance, and if not why?

If we say we love God, and we condone hatred of one another, we are liars. And if we don’t love or respect those whom we have seen, how can we say we love God whom we have not seen?

Andrea L. Daw, Fresno