Letters to the Editor

St. John’s River pathway belongs to all

I recently took my two small dogs for a walk along the St. John’s River in Visalia. As we strolled along, I looked very carefully for others, and no one was in sight. I let my dogs off the leash to wade in the shallow river water for a while and then returned to the walkway.

Before I could get them back on the leash, along came a cyclist flying past at at least 35 mph! As he whizzed past, he told me to put “them” on a leash.

Since when is it OK for some lone cyclist to speed along the pathway at so fast a speed that one would never see or hear him until he was practically on top of them? My one dog barked at him but never got in his way. What if a small child toddled in front of him?

Visalia has paved roads all over the city and several better places like Plaza Park to race. So please, cyclists, be considerate and share the narrow walkway with pedestrians, their children and their pets. The walkway does not belong solely to you!

Jeannine Harrelson, Visalia