Letters to the Editor

Patterson is right: Vote for Pearce

Gary Bredefeld’s campaign is spending a lot on advertising to tell you how great he was and will be as a Fresno City Councilmember. I respect that he is a former member of the military and works with veterans.

But I cannot support him in this quest. He is hoping voters will forget that he was one of the key councilmen who pushed the baseball stadium on us. He told us it was a great investment and would not cost taxpayers a penny.

Also recall that Jim Patterson vetoed it. Per the May 1, 2016 Bee: “Mayoral candidate Henry R. Perea and District 6 candidate Garry Bredefeld were on the council that gave final approval for the $45.8 million stadium, even overriding the veto of then Mayor Jim Patterson in October 2000 to approve the project.”

Both these men need to explain their votes for a stadium that leaves us taxpayers on the hook for about $900,000 annually. I would rather have my street repaired and more police presence.

If not Bredefeld, then who Jim Patterson has endorsed Jeremy Pearce. Patterson was right in 2000, and he is right now.

George Whitman, Fresno