Letters to the Editor

Measure C vital to agriculture

Measure C on the June 7 ballot is important for the State Center Community College District to continue providing excellent academic and vocational instruction to 50,000 students it serves in the region.

We are dependent upon the community colleges to prepare students for academic pursuits in higher education and vocational training for those that may not continue their education. The demand for services continues to grow, as more students want to immediately go to work.

We are pleased to see that Measure C includes the construction of a new agriculture facility at Reedley College to meet the changing academic, technological and field demands facing our modern local farmers.

We will also need a knowledgeable workforce in agriculture for the type of technology needed for many of the jobs offered in food safety, worker safety and food processing. Horticulture and forestry continue to be important. We continue to look to the district to provide trained welders and mechanics.

We are voting in favor of Measure C and encourage you to do the same.

Manuel Cunha Jr. and Jeanette Ishii, Nisei Farmers League, Fresno