Letters to the Editor

Poochigian should ask these questions

In response to The Bee article May 30 about Fresno Bully Rescue’s new shelter site:

Fresno County Supervisor Debbie Poochigan questions whether Fresno Bully Rescue was the type of kennel operation that county staff had in mind. What other type of kennel is there? Pretty much dogs and cages, right?

Perhaps the better question for Poochigan to ask is, why is the county she represents one of the worst in the nation for pet overpopulation? Why is her county animal shelter in a dilapidated old morgue? Why is the number of euthanized dogs in her county one of the highest year after year?

I find it funny that the residents mention things like smells and noise when they talk of their concerns. They fail to mention that prior to the rescue buying the property it had a vacant home and many of the problems associated with such properties.

Fresno Bully Rescue put a lot of donated money into this property and cleaned it up, and this is the thanks that the neighbors and Poochigan give them.

Karey Wedemeyer, Fresno