Letters to the Editor

Spees will shake up the system

H Spees is the right person to lead Fresno.

Critics say his 95/5 tax initiative and entrepreneurial ideas about economic growth and community vitality, neighborhood capacity building and business engagement are “pie in the sky.” Yet others frame our future by suggesting we do the best we can with what we get from the state and feds.

Spees has the courage, track record and internal fortitude to challenge the norm. Fresno and the Valley have to fight for our share and we need a leader with the vision to go beyond the status quo. More water won’t come from more dams. Federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations will leave Temperance Flat as empty as Millerton Lake. Spees gets that.

John F. Kennedy was criticized for envisioning a man on the moon!

Ronald Reagan was accused of grandstanding for publicly demanding “tear down that (Berlin) wall” of the Soviet Union.

Abraham Lincoln was ridiculed for his vision to end slavery.

All three were criticized, yet they’re arguably visionary leaders in American history.

If we don’t strive to challenge the norm, we’ll never have a chance to become the great community we can be.

H Spees can take us there. Please vote on June 7.

Mike Berg, Fresno