Letters to the Editor

Hillary stands for nothing, will fall for anything

The photo on the front page of The Bee on Tuesday (May 24) of the impeached former president, Bill Clinton, wildly greeted by supporters says a great deal about those who would support his wife.

He lied to a grand jury (perjury), engaged in sexual relations with a White House intern in the Oval Office, has been accused by several women of sexual assaults and advances, and yet the local and statewide women’s organizations never utter a single word of protest about him. What hypocrisy!

If this man had been an executive or manager of any business in the Valley, the community would have been in an uproar and charges would have been filed. He would be in prison. Would you want him around your granddaughters, nieces, or daughters?

I wonder how Hillary is able to justify that she attacked those women who charged that they had been assaulted by him and yet states that such women need to be heard and supported and that she will be the best advocate for women?

I guess that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

Bill Atwood, Bass Lake