Letters to the Editor

Brand as mayor will help Fresno

Lee Brand is a proven leader and a real conservative. His vision for Fresno includes growing our local economy by creating a business-friendly environment supporting job creation, strengthening public safety by finding long-term and sustainable funding sources to add more police officers and rebuild our fire department to keep Fresno safe.

Lee’s realistic ideas will address homelessness and vagrancy. He will continue building on his effort to improve water storage, and improve Fresno’s infrastructure.

One of the most accomplished Fresno City Council members ever, Lee consistently delivered thoughtful, creative and realistic solutions for Fresno’s problems. He is driven to do what is best for Fresno, not satisfy any special-interest groups.

Lee is not a career politician looking for his next office. He is not beholden to developers. He is not someone who changes his party to get elected. He is a strong, conservative businessman, who is committed to making all of Fresno stronger.

In her letter to the editor, Kathy Bray got it right: “Lee Brand is the one candidate for mayor who can keep us going in the right direction and lead Fresno to greater prosperity for all residents.”

M. Ruth Evans, Fresno