Letters to the Editor

Bee missed SB 1450’s problems

Sometimes a proposal looks good upon first glance, but careful consideration reveals significant drawbacks and unintended consequences that might actually undermine good intentions. This was the case with Senate Bill 1450.

In a recent editorial, The Bee lamented the California Faculty Association’s opposition to this bill, but this bill would have given advantages to California State University students who already have the resources to attend college full-time and potentially finish their degrees within four years. These advantages would have been at the expense of students who must work to pay for school and students who are also supporting families while pursuing their education.

The priority access for courses and a flat tuition rate for select students mean other students would be left to battle over remaining seats and potentially make up the difference in tuition costs. CFA hopes for a bill that helps our students graduate faster by ensuring that all our students, but especially our students who need assistance the most, are given a chance to succeed and earn their degree in a timely fashion.

Diane Blair, Fresno State Chapter President, CFA