Letters to the Editor

Can we vote on salmon restoration?

I am increasingly perplexed by the ongoing release of water from Friant Dam to restore the salmon runs to the San Joaquin River.

We live in a semi-arid area with only 11.5 inches average yearly rainfall. We are in a four-year, ongoing drought (yes, we are getting rainfall, but that changes from year to year). Most of us are working hard to save water in every way we can.

Farmers have been trying (and succeeding) at growing food under severe water restrictions so we can eat. There are places in the Valley that have no running water in their homes due to falling water tables (yes, I know the difference between surface and ground water and they are connected). Lots of land is being fallowed and lots of people are out of work due to this drought.

But we continue to release precious water to restore the San Joaquin River salmon runs – water that just runs out into the ocean. How does this make sense? Who does this benefit? Does this bother anyone else out there? Could someone explain how this makes sense? Can we vote on this?

Karin Campbell, Fresno