Letters to the Editor

Easter is solely a Christian holiday

Bee columnist Andrew Fiala loves using the piggy-back style of writing when he “uses” what is solely a Christian holiday to pile on his religious appeasements to make him appear acceptable to those who support other religions.

The resurrection is solely a Christian holiday with only a Christian emphasis and only dealing with the resurrection of Jesus.

Mr. Fiala has the Christian freedom to write as he chooses. However, to take advantage of it by piling on other non-Christian religions, as if to say that we are all the same, is only another tactic he has chosen to use so he doesn’t dare omit others. After all, he must protect his freedom to write.

By the way, Christians don’t “imagine music in heaven, with harp-strumming angels and choirs singing hymns of praise.”

I like reading some of Mr. Fiala’s columns in The Bee, but please don’t use our faith as a place to pile on those mentioned religions by putting the resurrection of Jesus where it doesn’t belong.

Irv Brown, Fresno