Letters to the Editor

Let’s hope crackdown on Fresno slumlords is real

I appreciated reading your March 26 article “City of Fresno sues apartment landlord for substandard conditions.” It should become required reading for slumlords in Fresno.

Congratulations and applause to City Hall for taking a realistic step to improve substandard housing in Fresno. I hope city staff will have the desire to make it work. Our community and public officials have talked for years about cleaning up and improving our neighborhoods. Many have talked about big grants, grand plans and high hopes to accomplish this goal.

Fresno’s three-strikes-and-your’re-out approach on substandard housing makes the most sense. It creates a hands-on-methods to deal with landlords that care less about the living conditions of their tenants and the blight created in adjoining neighborhoods than the profits produced from the rents. I hope that city staff can hold on to a plan that undoubtedly will receive criticism and be subject to political pressure.

One last comment: If code enforcement can develop a working relationship with the police department, the disturbance and emergency calls made would be a good way to begin any property investigation.

Bob Hall, Fresno