Letters to the Editor

Baseball in Cuba triggers memories

On the front page (March 23) of Bee Sports was a large photo of a baseball game between Cuba and the United States. In the audience was President Obama and President Castro. In a smaller photo, was Obama with the widow of Jackie Robinson. Mr. Robinson is famous for breaking baseball’s color line.

The Bee’s attention to this event reminded me of living in Brooklyn. My brother and I and went to Ebbets Field because we wanted to see Mr. Robinson play. It was a momentous event and a great game in which Mr. Robinson displayed his superb athletic talents at the bat and running the bases.

I was reminded again, of living in an apartment complex in Brooklyn of mixed ethnic groups; one of them was occupied by the Fernandez family, who migrated from Cuba. My brothers and I became very good friends with the father and son. The son played baseball and the father was the coach of the neighborhood baseball team. These relationships came to a halt with World War II as all of the sons responded to the war effort by joining the military.

To his credit, President Obama is taking the initiative to end the Cuban embargo.

Alex Vavoulis, Fresno