Letters to the Editor

Fresno Unified needs new leadership

I read yet another story about the lack of transparency and accountability with Fresno Unified School District. I’m getting tired of all of the issues with FUSD that have nothing to do with the children and our future generations.

First it was the controversy with Harris Construction and now it is issues with Seal Rite Paving and a trustee (online March 9). We also know about other controversies that have showed the community that a change needs to be made at FUSD.

How long will we allow a leadership to remain in place that is failing our students? Perhaps, the district could focus on increasing graduation rates and ensuring that students are ready for college and careers. Perhaps, the district could focus on children achieving English proficiency on time, having proper social-emotional supports on their campuses (such as Community Connectors) and creating a place where parents can be engaged at every school across the district.

Backroom deals and meetings behind closed doors are not what it takes for a school district to be effective in building the next generation of successful adults in our community. Come on FUSD, we deserve better!

Zachary Darrah, Fresno