Letters to the Editor

Obey rules of the road

As a frequent cyclist on the many bike lanes and trails in Clovis, I am tired of being forced into the ditch (or worse) to avoid brainless twits who don’t have the good sense God gave sheep to move over and share the road.

In this country we walk, ride and drive on the right and pass on the left. The next time I encounter a group of these fools coming at me I’m going to have to stifle the urge to mow them down and keep going. Catch me if you can.

Which brings me to motorists who can’t or won’t read the big red no parking-bike lane signs. I had one idiot pass me, look right at me and pull over to stop short at the curb. I nearly ran right into the back of his truck. Worse yet, I get forced out into traffic. Share the road! Obey the signs!

Enough ranting. I’m going out for a ride. I hope I return.

Zara Thomas, Clovis