Letters to the Editor

Ronquillo’s leadership is needed

Running for Fresno County supervisor, Dan Ronquillo offers a vision for Fresno’s potential economic diversification.

Supporting and expanding on Fresno County’s agricultural base, he proposes value-added manufacturing products continue to be developed, such as vacuum-packaged fruits and vegetables. Selling these products in Fresno County schools, prisons and stores, would add millions of dollars to the economy and add to the local tax base. Imagine the potential worldwide.

Tourists come into our area, to all of the national parks, casinos and conferences, but we do not fully capture the potential of our city on overnight stays by these visitors. Mr. Ronquillo believes more can be done and he has a vision for Fresno County. As a former peace officer and city councilperson, he has the maturity Fresno needs.

V.E. Kral, Fresno