Letters to the Editor

Traditional truths guide us

Two blind men feeling their way along an elephant can’t, in the beginning, know or agree on what they are encountering. One thing is certain, however: There is an elephant, and in time, the two will come to understand its reality until both have pretty much the same concept.

So it is with traditional truths, so disparaged by the left. Mankind has been searching for ultimate truth since his beginning. The result is a set of cultural-religious values informed by Aristotle’s Ethics, the Bible, the moral theology of Aquinas, and the Ethics of Spinoza among others. The details of those traditions may differ but the principle conclusions coincide. That set of values, sometimes referred to as Judeo-Christian tradition, has been a valid ethical and moral guide for Western man until now, when the left insists there is no ultimate truth: all values are relative.

Where there is no truth, there is no falsehood. Every statement is both true and false. We descend into an Orwellian world where words have no intrinsic meaning, and ethical standards are defined by the politically powerful guided by the whim of the moment rather than time-proven cultural traditions.

Michael Freeman, Sanger