Letters to the Editor

The same old blame Obama game

Some of the media, especially Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, can’t give President Obama a break. For over a year now, Mr. Scarborough keeps quoting the president as describing ISIS as the “JV team.” Since then, the president has moved on in describing the efficacy of ISIS and the diligence we have to maintain.

On March 23, in referencing the Brussels’attacks, Mr. Scarborough continued to vilify the president and promote the president’s quote as the current policy of the White House. To wit, Mr. Scarborough put on a photo of Obama laughing at a Cuban baseball game with Raul Castro, supposedly as Europe was attacked. The incident is a non sequitur. Baseball is popular in Cuba, and it’s smart politics to enjoy such an event with them.

Some ideology-minded media find a need to downplay the importance of bringing Cuba to our side in the geopolitical arena. Yet the president’s efforts are not only criticized by the Scarborough types, but they seem to believe they have a better handle on our foreign policy efforts. Their narrative is Obama has no strategy; meanwhile they blame Obama for everything.

Jess Sanchez Barroso, Fresno