Letters to the Editor

Racism is a serious condemnation

I read the letter by Daniel Lea on March 18. To make a point, he suggested that we do away with all gun control. He suggested that we even do away with carry permits. Currently, there are seven states which allow anyone to carry a gun without a permit.

This is fair, for it doesn’t treat the innocent like criminals. It doesn’t turn a right into a privilege. There are four additional states considering this.

Mr. Lea’s letter gets worse. He suggests people only support gun rights for whites. Charges of racism are thrown around too lightly in America. It is a serious condemnation of a person’s character. The name-calling begins when a logical argument can’t be made against another person’s argument. This is an attempt to limit dissent.

I worked with someone who thought all white people were lazy because his family had taught him that. He rethought things when he saw that I had a work ethic equal to his own. I don’t know Mr. Lea’s ethnicity, but perhaps he was taught that all white people are racist.

Russell Harland, Dinuba